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Temaril-P for Dogs

By | Last Updated: 23rd February 2023

What is Temaril-P

Temaril-P or Temaril P, with its antipruritic and anti-inflammatory actions, is a medication used for treating canine skin disorders like eczema, dermatitis (parasitic, pustular, allergic, and non-specific), otitis, and itching [1, 2]. It may be used for treating pruritus that has not responded to other drugs [2, 3]. Also, it has an antitussive (cough-suppressing) effect that helps in managing kennel cough, bronchitis, as well as coughs and infections of nonspecific causes [2, 4].

Can dogs safely take Temaril P

The medicine is approved by the FDA for use in dogs, though not without consulting a licensed vet [5]. A 2010 research has shown that Temaril-P might be safe and effective in controlling the clinical symptoms of atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Quick Information

Temaril P

Brand name: Temaril-P® [4]

Generic Name (Active Ingredients): Trimeprazine with prednisolone [2, 4]

Type: Antihistamine with corticosteroid anti-inflammatory agent [3]

Is it FDA approved: Yes [5]

Availability: On prescription [5]

Who can take it: Dogs [5]

Available forms: Tablets [1]

How does Temaril P work in dogs

Trimeprazine, being an antihistamine, blocks the activity of histamine (a neurotransmitter released due to allergic reactions) thereby preventing itching, inflammation, and coughing [6]. On the other hand, prednisolone being a corticosteroid modifies the dog’s immune response and helps in preventing the production of certain chemicals and substances that cause inflammation [3].

Temaril P dosage for dogs

It should be administered as instructed by your vet [1]. The typically prescribed dosage as per your dog’s body weight is as follows:

Weight Trimeprazine Tartrate daily dosage (mg) Prednisolone daily dosage (mg)
10 lb or less 5 2
11 to 20 lb 10 4
21 to 40 lb 20 8
More than 40 lb 30 12

Usually, after giving the medicine for the first four days, the dosage may be adjusted by your vet as per your dog’s response to the treatment [2]. Toward the end of the treatment, the dosage may as well be reduced to help wean your dog off the steroid drug [3].

The tablets, generally given with food [1], are scored and can be easily split when you need to administer a lower dose [5].

In case of a missed dose, give it as early as you can unless it is time for the next scheduled dose [1]. Be sure never to double the dose to catch up [1].

Side effects in dogs

Since Temaril P is a combination of an antihistamine (trimeprazine) and corticosteroid (prednisolone), it can cause a few side effects. Those likely to occur due to its trimeprazine content include:

  • Drowsiness [1], sedation [3, 7]
  • Tremors, muscle weakness [3, 7]
  • Depression (your dog becoming withdrawn, losing interest in things it once enjoyed, exhibiting low activity levels) [3, 7]

Side effects that may be observed due to its prednisolone content are:

  • Vomiting [7]
  • Sedation [7]
  • Bloody diarrhea [7]
  • Slow healing of wounds and cuts [7]

Signs of overdose

  • Low blood pressure (your dog losing balance, fainting) [1]
  • Seizures (unusual jerking, muscle twitching, tongue chewing, drooling) [1]
  • Excessive drowsiness [1]

Long-term administration of Temaril P may cause Cushing’s disease with characteristic symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, along with increased thirst, hunger, and urination [1, 3].

Seek emergency medical advice, if you observe any of the above symptoms in your dog.

When not to give Temaril P to your dog

Inform your vet about any health conditions your dog may have, and any medicines you are giving. Temaril P is generally used with caution in:

  • Diabetic dogs, since a change in insulin dosage, may be required before using the corticosteroid [3].
  • Pregnant dogs, because clinical studies have shown that use of corticosteroids may trigger premature labor followed by metritis (inflammation of the womb), retained placenta, dystocia (difficult delivery), congenital deformities in the puppies, and fetal death [2].

It might lead to certain drug interactions if given along with Deramaxx, Aspirin, Rimadyl, antacids, antidiarrheals, Phenobarbital, Quinidine, or Furosemide [3].


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