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Plush Lop

By | Last Updated : 2nd March 2020

The Plush Lop, a new breed of domestic rabbits, comes in two varieties – the Miniature and Standard. Distinguished by their well-muscled, healthy appearance, both the Plush Lop varieties feature a compact and firm body with full cheeks, wide muzzle, deep, broad chest, and well-rounded loins. They have short, thick, and straight front legs, while their hind legs are short, strong, and parallel to the body.

Plush Lop

The Mini Plush Lop was first developed by an American breeder Devie D’anniballe in 1995 by crossing Mini Rex, Mini Lop, with Holland Lop. Standard Plush Lops, on the other hand, were first created by Christine Toyer in Australia by crossing Standard Rex with Dwarf Lop. While the Plush Lop is not considered as a standardized breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), the British Rabbit Council (BRC) considers them as a breed in development.

Basic Information

  • Kept as:

    Indoor or outdoor rabbit, house pet

  • Suited For:

    Singles, seniors, people of all experience levels

  • Origin:

    U.S., Australia

  • Personality:

    Affectionate, docile, playful, outgoing, friendly

  • Hypoallegenic:


  • Lifespan:

    10-12 years

  • Association/Clubs:


  • Breed Standard:


How big do they get


Small/dwarf, 11-14 inches long


2-6 lbs


13-14 inches


About 12-15 inches

What do they look like

Fur Type

Smooth, soft, fine, silky, about ½ inch long

Ear Type

Broad, thick, long, well-furred, rounded at the tips, hang down straight close to its cheeks


Blue Plush Lop

Chocolate Plush Lop

Gray Plush Lop

Harlequin Plush Lop

Lilac Plush Lop

White Plush Lop

Black Plush Lop

Care Level



Aside from weekly cleaning its cage, regularly check for signs of infection caused by worms, ticks, and fleas. Make sure to consult a vet if it displays any such symptoms.

Cage Size

Keep it in an indoor cage of minimum dimensions 18 X 24 X 14 inches. A larger enclosure measuring 48 X 24 X 24 inches can be used to keep a group of Plush Lops outdoors


Unlimited supply of high-quality, fresh hay, about a quarter of a cup of pellets, a handful of fresh leafy greens, and some peels of oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits per day




Comb its fur once every two weeks using a wire bristle brush and spot-clean its coat if it gets dirty. Cut its nails with clippers when they grow too long




Allow it to investigate and play with a digging box and some rabbit toys inside its cage, make sure it socializes with its human companions




The price of Plush Lops varies between $300-$400, depending on the quality, while the cost of keeping it as a pet is average




A moderate shedder, but heavily molts twice a year, which can be managed by brushing its coat twice a week

Did You Know

  • In addition to the Miniature and Standard Plush Lops, there is another variety called the Canadian Plush Lop with the curly rex fur. This new breed was created by crossing Astrex with Mini Rex and Holland Lop, and it is in development.
  • The Mini Plush Lop, being docile, playful, and loving by nature, allows you to hold it for a longer period as compared to some of the other rabbit breeds.

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