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Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

By | Last Updated: 17th March 2020

The Giant Chinchilla, the largest of the Chinchilla rabbits, is a cross between the Flemish Giant and Standard Chinchilla. Although it is mostly used as a commercial rabbit, the Giant Chinchilla is now commonly kept as house pets. These rabbits come with a semi-arched body that is characterized by strong legs and feet, a white underbelly, and silvery topcoat that may have bands of black, white, blue, and pearl.

Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

After the Standard Chinchillas arrived in the US, the breeders worked toward developing a larger breed for fur and meat. Eventually, Edward H. Stahl, an American breeder, successfully produced Giant Chinchillas by crossing the Standard Chinchillas with New Zealand Whites, American Blue, and White Flemish rabbits. In 1928, the new breed was acknowledged by the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA).

Basic Information

How big do they get


Giant, 20-24 inches long


12-16 lbs


21-24 inches


About 21-25 inches

What do they look like

Fur Type

Short, soft, flyback

Ear Type

Medium-length, straight, erect


Dark Slate-Blue Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

Gray Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

Care Level



Clean the bottom of the cage every day to remove its feces and urine deposits; be sure to keep the outdoor enclosures covered from sun and rain.

Cage Size

Needs a large cage, approximately measuring 36 X 36 X 48 inches, a larger outdoor enclosure of dimensions 92 X 46 X 31 inches may be used for a group of bunnies


Mainly fresh hay (about 70% of its daily diet), 1/2-3/4 cups of quality pellets, a few slices of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens




Brush its short, flyback fur once every two to three weeks, rub a moist cloth over your bunny’s coat when it gets dirty




Give them rabbit toys so that it can spend time playing with them in indoor cages, keep them busy with outdoor exercise equipment like buckets of hay and boxes and ramps to climb on




Their prices range between $40 and $100, while the annual cost of keeping them is low to average




A moderate shedder, but the loss of fur may increase during spring and summer, which can be managed with brushing once or twice per week

Did You Know

  • The first Giant Chinchilla doe that Edward H. Stahl created was named the “Million Dollar Princess” because he is the only breeder to have ever made a million dollars by selling the breeding stock.
  • It is the only variation of Chinchilla rabbits to have a flyback coat.

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