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Britannia Petite

By | Last Updated: 22nd February 2023

The Britannia Petite, also known as a Polish rabbit in the UK, is a breed of small domestic rabbits that are not just valued as pets but also commonly displayed in competitive shows. It is characterized by an arched body with a short wedge-shaped head, bold eyes, full cheeks, and short ears. Although it is a dwarf-sized breed, it is not considered an actual dwarf rabbit because it does not have the dwarf gene.

Basic Information

How big do they get


Dwarf, 13-15 inches long


2-4 lbs


13-14 inches


About 14-16 inches

What do they look like

Fur Type

Smooth, short, soft, with fine hairs

Ear Type

Short, touch each other


Black Britannia Petite

Black Otter Britannia Petite

Blue-Eyed White Britannia Petite

Broken Patterns Britannia Petite

Chestnut Agouti Britannia Petite

Chocolate Britannia Petite

Red-Eyed White Britannia Petite

Sable Britannia Petite

Care Level



Spot-clean your bunny’s cage every day to remove its poop, make sure that the cage bottom is not slippery, check the ears for symptoms of infections or waxy build-ups

Cage Size

An indoor cage, approximately measuring 18 X 24 X 18 inches is needed; use a larger enclosure of dimensions 72 X 24 X 24 inches to keep a group of rabbits


Unlimited fresh hay, a quarter cup of quality pellets, and a cup of water per day; sparingly give fruits, carrots, spinach, and parsley as treats




Brush its coat using a slicker brush once every alternate week; gently clean the inside of its ears with baby wipes if they are dirty




As an energetic breed, it should be kept out about 3-4 hours of its cage so that it can socialize with its human family while roaming, playing, and exploring the indoors




Price of Britannia Petites varies depending on the quality, and the annual cost of raising it as a pet is average




Heavily molts twice or thrice a year, during which its coat needs brushing once or twice a week

Britannia Petite

Their origin can be traced back to the early 1800s when the Polish rabbits were bred in England for show purposes. They were brought to the US in the 20th century, where it was dubbed as the Britannia Petite. The rabbit breed gained recognition from the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA) in 1957.

Did You Know

  • Aside from the Britannia Petite, another rabbit breed called the American Polish rabbit exists, which is not recognized in the UK.
  • Britannia Petite rabbits are often confused for Netherland Dwarfs but can be distinguished by their wedge-shaped head, long ears, and slim body.

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