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English Lop

By | Last Updated : 2nd January 2020

The English Lop, distinguishable by its long, floppy ears and large body, is one of the oldest domestic rabbit breeds and perhaps the first lop rabbit breed developed by humans. It is characterized by a slenderer and longer body than other lop rabbits, large head, wide-set eyes, and a straight tail. It originated in England during the 1800s and was commonly used as a ‘fancy’ breed, but was later broadly accepted as a household pet.

English Lop

Basic Information

How big do they get


Large, about 20-24 inches


9-15 lbs


28-30 inches


About 27-30 inches

What do they look like

Fur Type

Short, smooth, ‘flyback’ coat

Ear Type

Over-sized, rounded at the end, measuring 21-32 inches from tip to tip, hanging on either side of the face


Agouti English Lop

Black English Lop

Blue and Black Tort English Lop

Blue English Lop

Chinchilla English Lop

Fawn English Lop

Opal English Lop

Orange English Lop

Red-Eyed White English Lop

Care Level



When it comes to cleaning its enclosure and providing a nutritious diet, it requires the same care as usual. Replace the bedding one or two times each week, depending on the number of rabbits you keep in an enclosure.

Cage Size

An indoor cage with minimum dimensions of 36 X 30 inches and a height of about 32 inches is required. Use a larger wooden hutch, measuring 80 X 32 X 40 inches along with a 96 X 48 X 48 inches run for housing more than one bunny outdoors.


Good-quality pellets containing 16-18% plant protein (one or two cups per day), fresh fruits (a slice of strawberry, mango, kiwi, pear, or apricot each day), a handful of fresh vegetables (kale, parsley, dandelion, carrot and radish tops, turnip, collard, or escarole)




Brush your bunny’s coat with a slicker brush every week to remove stray hairs, spot-clean its fur with a soft, damp towel when it appears dirty, examine its long ears regularly, and keep them clean of waxy build-ups, also trim its nails with clippers when they grow long




Although it can be quite lazy, it needs one or two hours of regular exercise. Take your bunny out of the enclosure so that it can stretch out its legs, hop around, graze grass, play, or cuddle




While the price of English Lops that are meant to be kept as house pets varies between $50 and $75, the cost of the show- or exhibition-quality rabbits is higher, ranging from $100 to $150. The overall cost of keeping an English Lop could range between $750 and $800 each year.




It is an average shedder but may molt excessively at the end of the winter that can be managed with regular brushing.

Did You Know

  • Because of their gentle and friendly personality, English Lops make excellent pets for children and are called “dogs of the rabbit world”.
  • Measured at 31.125 inches, the ears of Nipper’s Geronimo (an English Lop) are recorded to be the largest among rabbit breeds.

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