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Continental Giant Rabbit

By | Last Updated : 11th March 2020

The Continental Giant, also called the German Giant, is one of the largest and oldest domestic rabbit breeds characterized by a long, semi-arch body, along with broad hindquarters, straight, sturdy, and well-proportioned front legs, and thick, robust ears that are held upright. These bunnies probably originated back in the mid-16th century from the Belgian Flemish Giants, and the earliest breed standards date back to 1893.

Continental Giant Rabbit

Members of the breed are categorized into two types, including the Colored and White Continental Giants. It is acknowledged by the British Rabbit Council (BRC), but not by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Basic Information

How big do they get


Giant, 26-30 inches long


20-35 lbs


30-42 inches


36-40 inches

What do they look like

Fur Type

Dense, thick, glossy, with a soft undercoat

Ear Type

Thick, long, wide, robust, erect, with rounded tips


Agouti Continental Giant Rabbit

Black Continental Giant Rabbit

Chinchilla Continental Giant Rabbit

Dark Steel Continental Giant Rabbit

Light Steel Continental Giant Rabbit

Opal Continental Giant Rabbit

Red Agouti Continental Giant Rabbit

White Continental Giant Rabbit

Yellow Continental Giant Rabbit

Care Level



Replace the bedding once or twice a week to maintain good hygiene and keep unpleasant odors away.

Cage Size

Temporarily use a big dog crate where it can rest and relax; keep it in a spacious indoor cage with minimum dimensions of 36 X 48 X 48 inches. Use a large hutch, measuring 6 X 2 X 2 feet along with a run of 8 X 4 feet at least, or a well-ventilated garden shed to keep a group of Contis outdoors.


A handful of hay, fresh leafy greens, fibrous vegetables, and fruits per day, a small cup of pellets each day




Spot-clean your bunny’s hairs when the coat is dirty, brush its fur once a week using a slicker brush, trim its nails every 3-4 weeks with rabbit nail clippers




It needs about 2 hours of daily exercise; let it run, play, socialize, graze, and explore in an enclosed yard safe from predators




The prices of Continental Giants can vary between $300 and $500, while the overall cost of owning it can range between $1,200-$1,500 per year.




It is a moderate shedder, needs bi-weekly brushing when it sheds heavily at the end of winter

Did You Know

  • The Contis might look similar to Flemish Giants, but they have a long, arched body as compared to the mandolin shape of the Flemish Giants.
  • Darius, the biggest rabbit ever recorded, is a Continental Giant of length 4 feet 4 inches.
  • Another Continental Giant, named Ralph, weighed 55 lb and was recorded as the heaviest rabbit in the world in 2013.

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