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Checkered Giant Rabbit

By | Last Updated : 27th February 2020

The Checkered Giant, distinguished by its coat markings, is one of the largest domestic rabbit breeds. It is sturdily built and has a long, semi-arched, hare-like body with powerful legs and a broad head with erect ears. Believed to have been developed in either Germany or France during the early 1800s, the earliest ancestors of Checkered Giants were produced by crossing French Lops, Flemish Giants, and spotted rabbits. These were eventually bred with Flemish Giants to create the Great German Spotted rabbit or Lorraine rabbit.

Checkered Giant Rabbit

In the early 1900s, a German breeder Otto Reinhardt crossed the Lorraine rabbit with a black Flemish Giant to produce a rabbit similar to the modern-day Checkered Giants. They were brought to the U.S. in 1910, and shortly after, they were acknowledged by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Basic Information

How big do they get


Giant, 22-25 inches long


11-15 lbs


27-30 inches


About 25-30 inches

What do they look like

Fur Type

Soft, thick, short- to medium-sized

Ear Type

Broad, upright


Blue Checkered Giant Rabbit

Black Checkered Giant Rabbit

Care Level



The Checkered Giant likes to being groomed. Make sure to spot clean its cage every day and replace the bedding each week.

Cage Size

Keep it in a large indoor cage, measuring at least 36 X 36 X 48 inches. Use a more spacious enclosure for a group of Checkered Giants.


Plenty of hay, a cup of pellets, and a handful of fresh vegetables, including leafy greens and carrots per day




Brush its coat once every two weeks to remove dead hair and occasionally spot-clean its fur. Also, check its ears for signs of mite infection and its mouth for overgrown teeth.




Give it plenty of chew and mentally stimulating toys, let it run and play in a safe, enclosed yard where it can interact with human companions




While their prices can vary, the annual cost of owning it is average




An average shedder, but sheds more towards the end of the winter during which it should be brushed twice a week

Did You Know

  • Checkered Giants have a unique black or blue marking across their nose, which resembles a butterfly.
  • In Europe, the Checkered Giant is called the Giant Papillon. The British Rabbit Council has acknowledged the Giant Papillon as a recognized breed.

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