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American Fuzzy Lop

By | Last Updated: 13th July 2019

The American Fuzzy Lop is a breed of small, fluffy rabbits that are known for their long hair and hanging ears. They are often confused for Holland Lops because of their similarity in looks and are also important as a wool breed like the Angora rabbits. The American fuzzy has been recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association).

American Fuzzy Lop

Quick Biological Information

Type Domestic, show and fur (wool) rabbit
Origin USA
Behavioral Traits Social, active, playful; make excellent pets
Physical Characteristics Cat-like short and flat muzzle; distinctive markings on the nose, tinted ears, with eye circles
Coat Colors Variety of colors combined with white (‘agouti’) including chestnut, squirrel chinchilla, lynx, and opal, as well as pointed white
Weight Dwarf; maximum 3-4 lbs. (full grown adults)
Body Type Compact, muscular
Fur Type Long and wooly
Ear Type Hanging along the side of the face (do not stand erect)
Lifespan 5-8 years
Approximate Price Housepets: around $50-55 (bunny)
American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit (Bunny) Care Sheet

Care Level Simple; needs minimal grooming (brushing twice a day recommended only during molting)
Suitable For House pets, shows
Vaccines Regular bunny vaccinations
Health Requirements Deworming, checking for fleas, ticks, rabbit mites, the formation of fur balls in the stomach
Activities Being a playful breed, they need gnaw toys and soft pieces of wood to chew, and a private corner to run, nap, hide and play, inside the house, as also, in an enclosed garden
Cage Setup The wired cage should have enough space for activities with a metal/plastic bottom; in case of an outdoor cage, it should be airy enough, secure from predators, weatherproof, and shady, with enough space for them to hop around, stretch and play
Cage Cleaning Clean up the poops daily, and the entire enclosure minimum once a week
Diet & Feeding 70% to 80% of the diet should be a combination of grass and hay; remaining should be pellets and a limited amount of fresh fruits, leafy greens, and vegetables; constant supply of fresh, clean water is a must
Sickness & Diseases No specific issues
American Fuzzy Lop Size


Q. What is the difference between American fuzzy lop and Holland lop?

Though both the breeds look similar, the main difference is the presence of wool in the American Fuzzy, which the Holland Lop lacks. Also, the fuzzy lop is a bit smaller in size.

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Picture

Q. What to do in case of formation of fur balls in the rabbit’s stomach?

Papaya enzyme tablets may help in breaking the furball in the stomach and ensure there no blockages. Otherwise, you can also seek for the help of your vet. Ignoring it for a long period of time may even lead to death in some cases.

American Fuzzy Lop Bunny

Q. What are the precautionary measures I need to take for my American fuzzy bunny?

Apart from regular rabbit care like checking the eyes, nose, genitals, you specifically need to care for the hanging ears regularly, since they are quite prone to become moist. Their ears need to be kept dry and clean to avoid infections.

American Fuzzy Lop Baby

Did You Know

  • The eye colors of ruby and blue can only be seen on the white specimens of the American fuzzy.
  • An individual should be at least 4 pounds by weight in order to take part in rabbit shows.

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