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Sheba Guinea Pig

By | Last Updated : 5th May 2020

The Sheba Guinea pig is a domestic breed of broad, sturdy guinea pigs known for its messy, rosette coat. Since it looks like a miniature version of the shaggy-haired domestic yak, it is commonly called the Sheba Mini Yak. It was first developed in Australia during the 1960s as a result of a cross between the short-haired Abyssinian and the long-haired Peruvian. Although this new breed of guinea pigs has been loved by people all over the globe, it has not yet received recognition from any of the breed registries.

Sheba Guinea Pig

Basic Information

Kept As:Indoor pet, show cavy
Suited For:First-time owners, singles, seniors, families with children
Temperament:Gentle, social, curious, lively
Lifespan:4-7 years
Breed Standard:None

How Big do They Get

Size: 7-12 inches long

Weight: 1.5-2.5 lbs

Height: 8-13 inches

Width: About 8-13 inches

What do They Look Like

Fur Length: Long, can grow as long as 2-3 inches

Fur Texture: Dense, thick, tousled, course to moderate, arranged in rosettes

Color: Can be of any color or pattern

Sheba Mini Yak

Care Level

Spot clean your guinea pigs’ enclosure on a regular basis to get rid of the poops and make sure to remove any wet, soiled bedding. Use a pet-friendly disinfectant and water to clean the cage.

Cage Size

Larger enclosures are always preferred; keep your guinea pigs in a cage measuring 30 X 50 X 18 inches at least with a floor space of 1500 to 1870 square inches.


Unlimited quantity of timothy hay, about 1/8-1/6 cup of quality pellets once each day, supplemented by small portions of chopped dark, leafy greens and a few slices of fruits per day


Despite being a long-haired breed, it does not need much grooming except an occasional hair cut with a small scissor to prevent tangling and knotting; remove its loose hairs by regularly brushing with a soft brush.

Sheba Mini Yak Guinea Pig


Let your pet guinea pigs run outside their cage, you can allow them to romp and play in the yard or garage but make sure those areas are protected from predators.


You can purchase a Sheba from the pet store or a rescue shelter for $10-$40 and its cost of maintenance is not as high as some other breeds.


Sheds more hair during the late spring and early summer; this excessive seasonal shedding can be controlled with frequent brushing with a wide-tooth brush.

Did You Know

  • The Shebas are lovingly named the ‘bad hair day’ guinea pigs because of the rosettes in their fur.

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