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Merino Guinea Pig

By | Last Updated : 5th May 2020

The Merino guinea pig, known for its gorgeous long, curly hair, is a breed of domestic guinea pigs. It is quite similar to the Coronet in both appearance and temperament except that it has short, curly hair on the forehead. The Merino is sometimes mistaken for the curly-haired Texel, but unlike the Texel, it has shorter hairs on the head and a crested coat. Not much is known about its origin, and it has not yet received recognition from the American Cavy Breeders Association.

Basic Information

Kept As:Show cavy, indoor pet
Suited For:Singles, seniors, experienced owners
Temperament:Friendly, loving, intelligent, docile
Lifespan:4-6 years
Breed Standard:None

How Big do They Get

Size: 4-12 inches long

Weight: 1-3 lbs

Height: 5-13 inches

Width: About 5-14 inches

Merino Guinea Pig

What do They Look Like

Fur Length: Long

Fur Texture: Soft, curly, crested rosette on the forehead

Color: Can be of any color, has white facial markings

Care Level

Remove soiled bedding, as well as get rid of its poops on a regular basis. Thoroughly clean its cage every 3-4 days using pet-friendly disinfectant mixed with water.

Cage Size

Keep your English Merinos in an indoor cage that measures 30 X 50 X 20 inches at least; make sure that the enclosure has about 1512 square inches of floor space.


Plentiful timothy hay (70-80 percent of its daily diet), a small amount of quality pellets, a few slices of fresh fruits and leafy greens as treats per day


Regularly brush its fur using a soft bristle brush, trim its hair once or twice a month with a pair of rounded scissors, bathe your pet when its coat is dirty and it shows signs of fungal or parasitic infections


Allow your guinea pigs to play and run outside their enclosure for about an hour every day; provide them some safe toys to play with, including chews, paper rolls, cardboard boxes, and balls.


A Merino guinea pig can cost anywhere between $20 and $40; the cost of housing, feeding, and caring it is average


Seasonally high; it molts excessively in spring as well as early summer during which it needs frequent, regular brushing

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