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Endler’s Guppy (Endler’s Livebearer)

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Endlers or Endler’s Livebearer is a colorful species of the Poecilia genus sold by the name of Endler’s Guppy in pet shops. Franklin F. Bond collected the species from Venezuela’s Laguna de Patos in 1937, while Dr. John Endler rediscovered it in 1975. It derives its species name from Øjvind Winge, a Danish biologist who extensively researched the genus these species belong to.

Endler Guppy

Quick Information

Scientific NamePoecilia wingei
Other NamesEndlers
OriginVenezuela’s Paria Peninsula
TypeFreshwater fish
Conservation StatusNot recorded (though they are on the verge of extinction in the wild)
Behavioral CharacteristicsPeaceful though females can be a little territorial
School SizeThough they do not do well in schools, this species can be kept in a group of 4 -5
Physical TraitsSmall and colorful
ColorsCombination of metallic green, orange, and black more vibrant in males than females; males acquire the adult coloration at about 4 or 5 weeks, while females take a little longer
Size (How big do they get)Males: 1 inch (2.54 cm); Females: 1.8 inches (4.57 cm)
Lifespan2 – 3 years (females live shorter than males)
Sexual DimorphismPresent;  Males are leaner, smaller, and  brighter with narrower bellies than their female counterparts
Probable Diseases Ick, alongside bacterial and fungal infections
Approximate Price (How much is it for)$8 (starting price)
Endler Guppy Male
Female Endler Guppy

Tank Setup & Care Sheet Details

Care Level Easy to Intermediate
Tank Size5  (19  liters) for 3 endlers

Water Parameters

pH Level5.5 – 8.0
Temperature66° to 84°F (18 to 29°C)
Hardness15 – 35 dGH
Aquarium  Water FlowFast

Tank Ambience

LightingHigh (for them darkness means it is time to sleep)
Substrate TypeSand, and  gravel, alongside plants and driftwood for a proper hiding place
Tank MatesCompatible with: Small peaceful fish like neon tetra, cardinal tetra, harlequin rasbora, zebra danios, otocinclus catfish, and guppies (as both have a lot of similarities)

Incompatible with: Large, aggressive species as well as crustaceans like shrimps that the Endler might eat
Suitable Position in the TankBottom


DietFrozen and live foods like brine shrimp, blood worms, tubifex, blackworms, daphnia, dried food like pellets, and flakes 
Frequency 2-3 times a day
Endler Guppy Fish
Endler Guppy Hybrid

Important Things to Know For Fish Keepers

  • They may be small in size but has innate jumping skills, often moving out of the aquarium. So, fixing a tight lid on the tank is compulsory to prevent any sudden disappearance.
Endler Livebearer
Endler Guppy Size


Q. What is the difference between an Endler and guppy?

The Endler livebearer is a strain of guppy, but both have visible differences. Endlers are smaller with two small fins on their tails, while the fancy guppy is bigger with a wider body and brighter colors.

Q. Are there hybrids of Endler and guppies?

Yes, there are hybrids of Endlers and guppies, the outcome being bright, colorful offspring. They are sold in the market under a host of names such as snake, peacock, tiger, sword, paradise, and flame tail Endler.

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