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Common Goldfish

By | Last Updated : 18th May 2020

The common goldfish is a breed of goldfish famous for its bright, attractive appearance and friendly nature.  An outcome of selective breeding, it derives its ancestry from the Prussian carp, similar to the latter in many aspects other than the shape and color. It is often confused with the comet goldfish though both have visible differences. The commonest of all goldfish species, many fancy varieties develop from this breed.

Common Goldfish

Quick Information

Other Names Feeder goldfish, feeder fish
Origin China   
Type Freshwater fish
Conservation Status Not recorded
Breed Standards BAS
Behavioral Characteristics Peaceful, sociable, friendly, adaptable, hardy
School Size 4 – 5
Tail Type Single tailed (one claudal and anal fin)
Physical Traits Elongated, well-proportioned body, broad head, forked caudal fin, and slightly concave dorsal fin, large eyes, pharyngeal teeth inside throat (to crush food)
Scales   27 – 31 arranged in a lateral line; with no scales on their head
Colors Orange, red, black, olive green, yellow, blue, black, red and white, yellow and white, white and black
Size (How big do they get) Small; 2 inches (10 cm), can grow up to 7-8 inches (18-20 cm) when kept in a big, spacious tank
Growth Rate An inch per year (slowing down with maturation)
Lifespan (How long do they live) Approximately 10 years (longer if well maintained)
Sexual Dimorphism Present; Male: Thin, streamlined body;
Female: Round, thick body
Probable Diseases  Swim bladder disease, fin rot, white spot disease, fungal infection, ammonia poisoning, fish lice, bacterial disease, popeye 
Approximate Price $30
Picture of Common Goldfish

Tank Setup & Care Sheet Details

Care Level Beginner
Tank Size 20 – 30 gallons (76-114 liters)

Water Parameters

pH Level 7.2 – 7.6
Temperature 68 – 74° F (20 – 23°C)
Hardness 11 – 17 dGH
Aquarium  Water Flow Moderate to Strong

Tank Ambience

Lighting Brightly lit  
Substrate Type Sand, gravel, real or faux plants
Tank Mates Compatible with: White cloud mountain minnow, rosy barb, pond loach, zebra danio, cherry shrimp, hillstream loach, fantails
Incompatible with: Suckermouth catfish, cory catfish, betta, cichlid, common molly, tetras, black moor goldfish
Suitable Position in the Tank Middle


Diet Flakes, pellets, boiled soft vegetables, and live foods like brine shrimp, aquarium snails, daphnia, and tubifex worms
Frequency  2 – 3 times a day
Giant Common Goldfish
Common Goldfish Size

Important Things To Know For Fish Keepers

  • They are one among the few aquarium fishes capable of living alone, so it would not be a problem if more than one fish cannot be accommodated in the tank.   
  • If you find your fish floating on the surface, struggling to swim, or even sinking, it could be the warning signs of swim bladder disease caused due to inappropriate nutrition, sudden changes in temperature, or inadequate water conditions.
  • To lessen chances of your common goldfish contracting white spot disease make changes in water levels at small intervals and not in a single go.
Common Goldfish Tank Size
Common Goldfish Pond


Q. What is the difference between common and comet goldfish?

The common goldfish are large with a shorter finnage, while the comet goldfish have a short, slender body but a longer finnage. The common goldfish also has a short, stubby tail, while the comet’s tail is relatively long.

Q. Can common and fancy goldfish live with each other?

No, as the common goldfish often targets the slow-moving and fragile fancy goldfish.

Q. Do they need a filter and a heater?

A filter would help to clear all toxic wastes and lessen the chances of bacterial or fungal infections that they are prone to.  However, they do not need a heater unless the aquarium is located outdoors where the temperature decreases drastically.

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