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Black Moor Goldfish (Black Telescope Goldfish)

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Black moor goldfish or black telescope fish is the black variety of the telescope fish, originating in the 1400s in China. Their pair of protruding eyes alongside a black body earns them the name black telescope.   A product of selective breeding by the Chinese, this species was traded in Japan in the 1500s and also entered the U.S. markets in the 1800s. Their striking appearance, hardy nature, and gentle demeanor make them an adorable aquarium fish.

Black Moor Goldfish

Quick Information

Scientific NameCarassius auratus
Other NamesBlack telescope, moors, blackamoors, black demekin, black peony goldfish, dragon eye goldfish
TypeFreshwater fish
Conservation StatusNot recorded
Breed StandardsBAS
Behavioral CharacteristicsPeaceful and timid with a slow gait
School Size3 – 4
Physical TraitsResembles the fan-tailed goldfish in many aspects; Has short, egg-shaped bodies; large eyes, protruding from both sides of the head; long, flowing finnage;  and broad, butterfly or ribbon-shaped tails
ScalesDeep, and metallic, with a velvety black hue
ColorsAdults: Light gray or dark black but do not remain the same lifelong; may have a rust underbelly or orange patches throughout the body with maturation

Juveniles: Bronze body, that eventually changes as they grow
Size (How big do they get)Medium; 4 – 10 inches (10.16 – 25.4 cm)
Lifespan (How long do they live)10 – 15 years
Sexual DimorphismPresent; Males: Pronounced ridge running through the rear end of its pelvic fins to the opening of its vent; firm abdomen; known to develop tiny, white bumps called breeding tubercles on its pectoral fins during the mating season; Females: Smaller or less pronounced ridge or no ridge at all; breeding tubercles seen only in rare circumstances
Probable Diseases Several eye problems like cloudy eyes, popeye disease, and dropsy, as well as ich, and swim bladder disease
Approximate Price (How much is it for)$7 – 20  
Black Telescope Goldfish
Baby Black Moor Goldfish

Tank Setup & Care Sheet Details

Care LevelBeginners
Tank Size20 gallon (75.7 liters) for a single fish

Water Parameters

pH Level6.5 – 7.5  
Temperature65 – 72 °F (18 – 22°C)
Hardness6 – 18 dGH
Aquarium  Water FlowSlow

Tank Ambience

LightingBright (as they turn pale without proper light)  
Substrate TypeSand, gravel, and pebbles (to hide)
Tank MatesCompatible with: Molly, neon tetra, zebra danios, cherry barb, dwarf gourami, glass catfish, angelfish, kuhli loach, bristlenose pleco, fantail goldfish, as well as other black moor goldfish species; invertebrates like the ghost and cherry shrimps, though with supervision

Incompatible with: Aggressive territorial fish such as the oscar and few others from the cichlid family, and also those with a tendency to nip at fins
Suitable Position in the TankBottom


Diet (What to feed them)Flakes, and pellets; live or frozen tubifex, bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp as a treat; vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, and spinach
Frequency 2 times a day
Black Moor Goldfish Full Size
Black Moor Goldfish Size

Important Things to Know for Fish Keepers

  • Television shows and pictorial representations have often depicted the black moor and other goldfish species kept in a beautiful, elegant bowl. However, owners should never follow this at home, since these long-finned fish need ample space and proper water conditions to thrive.
  • Keep a close vigilance on the water quality of the aquarium as poor or inappropriate conditions can lead to cloudy eyes that goldfish species are prone to, even causing blindness.
Pictures of Black Moor Goldfish
Dragon Eye Goldfish


Q. Does black moor goldfish have a poor vision?

Yes, the black moor goldfish has a poor vision because of its protruding eyes.

Q. Can a black moor gold fish’s eyes fall out?

Yes, the black moor gold fish’s eyes, like other goldfish species, can fall when the blood vessels swell. The primary reason for this is trauma due to improper water conditions alongside other factors.

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