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Baldwin Guinea Pig

By | Last Updated : 15th May 2020

The Baldwin guinea pig is a breed of completely hairless domestic guinea pigs distinguished by the folds and wrinkles on their crowns and wrinkles, as well as their large, droopy ears. It originated due to spontaneous genetic mutation in white crested guinea pigs owned by the San Diego-based breeder Carol Miller. Although the Baldwins are born fully furred, they start losing their fur at 2-5 days of age, and they become completely hairless when they are about two months old. They retain only their whiskers and occasionally a bit of fur on their feet. This hairless breed has not been recognized by the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA).

Baldwin Guinea Pig

Basic Information

Kept As:Show animal, indoor pet
Suited For:Experienced owners
Origin:United States of America
Temperament:Gentle, entertaining, sociable, fun-loving
Lifespan:5-7 years
Breed Standard:None

How Big do They Get

Size: 8-10 inches long

Weight: 1-2.5 lbs

Height: 9-11 inches

Width: About 9-12 inches

What do They Look Like

Fur Length: Hairless

Fur Texture: Bald, rubbery skin, with wrinkles and folds on the crown and shoulders

Color: All shades and patterns, including tortoiseshell, Dutch, self, Himalayan, broken

Dutch Baldwin Guinea Pig

Care Level

If you use recycled paper shavings or wood shavings as bedding, thoroughly clean the enclosure one or two times a week. Check its cage every day to spot clean the feces or remove soiled bedding.

Cage Size

The minimum size of a cage recommended by the RSPCA for a pair of guineas is 47 X 24 X 18 inches, but choose a cage as large as possible to keep them healthy and happy.


Unlimited timothy hay, about 1/8-1/5 cups of vitamin C-fortified pellets, supplemented by a cup of fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens per day; a thin slice of apple, banana, some blueberries, or a wedge of orange can be offered as treats once a day

Self Baldwin Guinea Pig


Baldwins do not need any grooming except a gentle bath with a mild shampoo or fragrance-free cleanser every three to four weeks.


Allow your guinea pigs to play and run outside their cage for about an hour each day. Provide them with toilet paper rolls filled with healthy treats, roll balls to them so that they can play with toys.


While the price of a Baldwin guinea pig ranges between $40 and $150, the annual cost of keeping it as a pet is more than some of the haired breeds


Being completely hairless, adult Baldwin guinea pigs do not shed. Young Baldwins, however, are fully haired and become fully hairless by the time they are two months old.

Did You Know

  • As compared to other cavies, Baldwins have a higher metabolic rate and optimal temperature range. They are fed more than the furred guinea pigs so that they can maintain body heat.
  • The Baldwin’s skin is prone to developing fungal infections, sunburn, or any other injuries. They should be kept indoors, away from direct sunlight, with nesting materials like a fleece bag, blanket, or heating pads for heat conservation during cold winter days.
  • Breeding two Baldwin guinea pigs together will always produce hairless Baldwin offspring. Mating a Baldwin with any other breed (whether it is hairless or haired) will result in young guinea pigs that will never display hairlessness.

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