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Alpaca Guinea Pig

By | Last Updated: 19th May 2020

The Alpaca guinea pig, considered one of the most beautiful pets by animal lovers, is a breed of curly-haired guinea pigs. It derives its name from the Alpaca animal with which it bears a great resemblance. Although its hair may look like that of the Peruvian, its strands are wavy, giving its fur a woolen effect. This furry breed probably originated from the English Peruvians and has not yet received recognition from the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA).

Alpaca Guinea Pig

Basic Information

Kept As:Indoor pet
Suited For:Experienced owners, seniors, singles
Temperament:Sweet, affectionate, easy to handle, sociable, curious
Lifespan:5-8 years
Breed Standard:British Cavy Council
Gray Alpaca Guinea Pig

How Big do They Get

Size: 6-11 inches long

Weight: 1.5-2.5 lbs

Height: 7-12 inches

Width: About 8-13 inches

Baby Alpaca Guinea Pig
Black Alpaca Guinea Pig

What do They Look Like

Fur Length: Long, about 10-12 inches

Fur Texture: Thick, wavy, with a rosette on the forehead, bangs hang forward

Color: Can be of different colors, including lilac, black, white, brown, gray, roan

Lilac Alpaca Guinea Pig
White Alpaca Guinea Pig

Care Level

Aside from removing all the soiled bedding and washing your guinea pig’s food dish daily, you need to regularly groom your pet’s fur in order to keep it from tangling.

Cage Size

Make sure to use an indoor cage measuring 30 X 50 X 20 inches at least to keep a pair of Alpaca guinea pigs. The minimum floor space needed is 1080 square inches, but a floor space of 1512-1872 square inches is always preferred.


Abundant fresh timothy hay, about 1/8 cups of Vitamin C-enriched pellets, a few slices of fruits and veggies, and fresh water per day

Brown Alpaca Guinea Pig
Roan Alpaca Guinea Pig


It is a high maintenance breed and needs a lot of grooming; it should be brushed using a soft bristle brush on a daily basis to keep its hairs from getting tangled. Remove knots or matted areas by trimming its hair when it grows too long.


As a fun-loving, playful breed, the Alpaca guineas love running around, burrowing, playing with toys, and exploring the environment. Your guinea pigs should get at least an hour of exercise per day. Provide some wood shavings inside the cage to allow your pets to burrow.


The Alpaca guinea pigs, being uncommon, are highly priced. You can get them from reputable breeders or animal rescue in your area at a price range of $120-$150. The annual cost of keeping it is also a bit high.


It tends to molt excessively in the spring and summer months during which it should be regularly brushed to keep shedding under control.

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